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Corbett's Glen Natutre Park

By Shattman
The Rochester, NY area abounds in parks, gardens, waterways, lakes and hiking/walking trails. It's wonderful for 'outdoorsy' types, photographers and even lazy nature lovers. Recently, I was bitten by the waterfalls/cascades bug and decided that I'd take excursions to develop new photographic skills, as well as to get outside with my wife. This has proven to be an excellent solution for compromise between her desire to keep moving and my need to stop and set up shots. [Enough discussion of domestic differences --lol--]. The shot below was taken at Corbett's Glen Nature Park, only a 10 minute drive from home. Oh, I failed to mention that I recently purchased a B-W neutral density filter [10-stop lowering] specifically to generate waterfall images with the 'cotton candy' look [also, converted to B&W in Photoshop Elements]. In the course of time, I hope to post more pics along these lines.

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