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Cool Modern Technologies in New Cars

Posted on the 04 April 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

Vehicle technology is moving faster today than ever before, with everything from ultra-safety features to self-drive mechanisms making hitting the roads easier, safer and cheaper.

Many of the advances in modern technology for cars are focused not only on safety and reducing fuel consumption but also on helping cars and their drivers to become more eco-friendly. By far one of the best ways in which to keep a car in safe and economical working order is to keep up to date with all servicing for the car. However, new technology also makes driving safer and more fun. Here are just a few new features currently available in cars on the market.

Technologies in New Cars

Modern Features of New Cars

Stop start engines are now a common addition to many cars and help to save fuel and reduce the carbon footprint left by such cars. The idea of a stop start engine is that it automatically stops running as soon as the car is put into neutral and the handbrake is engaged. This is usually the case at traffic lights or when stuck in a traffic jam. When the driver wishes to set off, the simple action of putting the car into gear and releasing the handbrake will start the engine once again.

Automatic braking is another exciting development in the automotive industry. Cars now have the ability to start automatically breaking if they sense that an object is getting too close to the front of the car.

Vehicle to vehicle technology has advanced this even further. This technology allows cars to interact with one another. For instance, a car travelling along a motorway will be able to read if the car in front has started breaking very sharply in order to avoid a collision. This advance warning system then allows the car travelling behind to be able to start breaking far behind the obstruction, thus safely avoiding further collisions.

In addition to this, cars are now able to scan the road ahead of where the car is driving to assess the road surface and then adjust the suspension settings accordingly in order to give the smoothest ride possible.

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