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Control Sounds with Here Active Listening Earbuds

Posted on the 02 June 2015 by Anna Peterson

Blocking out unwanted noise is sometimes all we dream about. What if we told you there was an option to get rid of unwelcome sounds, but not through regular earplugs or earphones? All you’d need would be a pair of wireless earbuds and a smartphone app and you’d be all set and ready to filter what you hear and how you hear it, no matter the situation. Interested? We aren’t surprised. With Here, a wireless interactive listening system, this is exactly what you’d be able to do.

Here Turns the World Into Your Sound Studio

New Here wireless earbuds

First of all, what Here essentially doesn’t do is stream or play recorded music. Instead, you get your very own studio in your ears that you manage via volume control and equalizer. You interact with the sounds around you and decide which ones you wish to enhance and which to dull. That dog’s been barking way too loud? Turn it down. Want to focus on that sweet bass line? Turn it up. You can be in charge of all the tones, using the world as your personal sound board.

App for Live Sound Environments

The goal of Here is in no way to replace your beloved headphones or earbuds. It is specifically meant for live audio environments, such as concerts, flights, sports games. It could help you focus solely on your instrument during the Saturday evening orchestra rehearsal or completely drown out the siren-happy guy on the parking lot beneath your balcony at this godforsaken hour (is that his way of serenading his lady? Weak). There are no limits. You are the conductor and you say whose turn it is for a crescendo.

The Here earbuds design

There are 28 more days to go till this innovative piece of wearable tech reaches its $250,000 goal on Kickstarter, which certainly isn’t an easy task. Whether or not this (really handy) invention will conquer the world remains to be seen.

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