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By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
Happy Fashion Month. September is without a doubt my favorite month of the year; when I was younger September meant back to school, however those days are well and truely gone and seem to feel like a million years ago! It now means to me the start of a new year, my favorite season Autumn/Winter commencing, which obviously means FASHION WEEK! There's been a whole buzz on Twitter about Fashion Week, I think everyone's getting jolts of excitement/stress about it now that the month has crept upon us! Today is a particuarly good day for me as I've just found out I'm attending two shows! Richard Nicholl and Jaeger; over the moon of course, but wardrobe planning and preparing for what I shall need has commenced. Which brings us to todays post... WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG?
 Some say I go a wee bit over the top with what I put in my bag... this includes my boy rummaging through to try find my keys once and pulling out a tin opener, giving me a look of concern. All I can say is, I never know when I'm gonna want spaghetti hoops on toast. They say a girls handbag should be untrodden territory, but I'm gonna let you into the world of mine. Nothing special, but here are the day to day basics that are a must in my bag... they may inspire you do go and grab my SOSs!
(Going clock-wise)
* 'Vivienne Westwood Purse' - Well it's a bit of an obvious one really isn't it? I can't stand any purses that don't open up properly. It's taken me YEARS to find a good spacious ones for all my loyalty cards (love a good loyalty card) and receipts as I always manage to collect about 6 months worth before binning them! Totally in love with this one. It's a blurred leopard print, and the fabric is so durable and doesn't get marked easily.
* 'Crabtree and Evelyn India Hicks Island Living Ultra Moisturising Hand Cream' - There's nothing worse than dry cracked hands, especially with the colder weather approaching. Always make sure my hands are moisturised and this is by far the best hand cream I've had. I'm actually quite lucky I stumbled across it as I was given it as a gift from Crabtree and Evelyn at work. It's beautiful smelling with aromas of spider lily, citruses, night-blooming jasmine, green palms and sea air-accords. The smell lasts all day, plus I actually find it quite soothing to go to sleep with!
 * 'Nail File' - Self-explanatory really, chip a nail I want it dealt with there and then! 
* 'Cherry Chapstick' - I always wear lipstick everyday but as always it comes off gradually throughout the day. As a quick top up to keep my lips nourished or if it's my day off, this is an absolute staple! Apart from tasting delicious, Cherry Chapstick also has a beautiful pink hue to it, so will leave your lips all volumptious unlike some lip balms which can leave your lips looking ill and pale!
* 'Sample Perfume' - Sample perfumes are great to carry around in your bag. It's important to top yourself up during the day and having a heavy bottle isn't such a brilliant idea to carry in your bag. I got given this sample by YSL at the counter recently 'Belle Dopium'. It's such a beautiful fragrance and I'm probably now going to purchase some! You can always ask for a perfume sample over the counter at Department Stores or Pharmacys.
* 'My Glasses' - Although I don't wear my glasses constantly, if going to the cinema or anything that needs to be read at a distance they are a must for me. I should probably wear them all day as my eyesight is some what now appauling but I find them so irratating and contact lenses are a big no no! I can't stand anything to do with eyes! 
* 'Woly Sponge' - Originally this sponge is created to remove stains on suede shoes or to revamp coloured suede. However fabulous that is, I've found a new reason why every girl should have this sponge in her bags at all time as a SOS. White deodrant marks on clothes? Gone. Vanished. *poof*. For years I'd get so annoyed that if in a rush iId pull my top down and there would be the dreaded stain, throw water on it, even with a flannel no luck. All you do with this sponge is wipe it across the marks and it just comes out. Amazing, and the best thing is it only costs a measly £4! You can find them at L.K.Bennett.
* 'Tangle Teezer' - My hair is thick and wild, I use bleach so split ends are unfortunately a quick occurance. This brush is fab, it gets through your hair with ease, and prevents any damage. It's original size is very personal and easy to pop in your bag, but they've now bought out a collection in a variation of colours and sizes. Including a compact style with a mirror. Absolute must have!
* 'Jigsaw Sunglasses'  - This is just one pair of the many sunglasses I have in my collection. I think in total I have around about 14 pairs. Which is insane, but each pair are always worn and add to different outfits. So I see it as a worthy investment! These tortoiseshell ones from Jigsaw are a favorite of mine, they're pretty easy to go with anything, which is why they're a basic in my bag. If I haven't had time to plan with an outfit they're just there and can be popped on without hesitation.
* 'Plasters' - I'm the most clumsy person I know. There I said it. I know all of my friends will agree with that statement too. Whether its my shelf in my bedroom (with contents) falling on my causing me mild concussion or my second day at work falling flat on the stockroom floor, or looking 'hot' for a night out with the girls and then completely stacking it. It's always me. And yes all the above are just a few of recent injuries in the past few months that have occured! Plasters come with me everywhere, because there's no doubt about it. I'll be needing them.
* 'Tweezerman Tweezers' - A recent buy of mine, possibly one of my best investments. They're pricey and the pair I've bought cost me £15. No it's not the colourful pretty print you're paying for. These bad boys are unbelieveable. Unlike normal tweezers which don't actually pinch together which means there is always a gap, which is why it can be hard to pluck small annoying hairs. Tweezermans pinch together straight away and grab every single hair possible. After I'd used mine I felt like I'd had my eyebrows waxed, they're soo soo good. 
* 'iPhone/Headphones'- I have my life on there as sad as it is to say! Email, blogger, camera, music and all the rest of it. My journey to and from work I always listen to music to either wake me up or wind me down after the day is over. The headphones are always attached!* 'Filofax' - Again it's my little Bible of my life! All my plans are kept in there, dates that I'm working, any events I need to attend whether that be a dentist appointment or a new clothing line launch. I have generally a good memory but when it comes to remembering any plans I've made I'd be lost without it as my ditzy moments like to spring themselves upon me from time to time!  
 * 'Keys' - There's no picture of my keys... that's because they are on the kitchen table where I've flung them after arriving home last night, oops! USUALLY they are in my bag, with my range of keyrings attached!

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