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Content Ideas for Start Up Bloggers

Posted on the 24 October 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist
We as a Blogger face the biggest challenge on day to day basis is the Ideas for Content. How to right is not the problem problem is what to write and is it right to write on the said topic. I am trying to solve this biggest challenge via this post. I request you all to do share your experience in going through this post and contribute some value to this post with your valuable suggestions. The topics are many but writer should always decide the topic based on Blog's Genre. If your blog is about how to play cricket none of your readers expect you to write on how to cook a continental dish. Now after making this decision here are few topics which in general in a broad manner can be helpful in getting rid of this writing blockade.
1. Hobbies:- You can write anything in hobbies section from Painting to Cooking, from Dieting-Exercising to Holidaying (Do Keep Genre in Mind) and from Horse riding to Gardening. Now you have to decide what are you hobbies if it matches your blog's Genre goahead and have fun writing stuff you love the most. Anything you write about your hobby rest assured would be best because of your own great interest behind that topic.
2. Money:- People love to talk hear read and write about money. Because this is my second line of thought which drives human life. If you are able to deliver greatest insight from this field you can write anything from how to earn to how to spend. How to rent out your house or how to bargain your salary with your next company HR. This topic is never lasting because the importance of it makes more and more people from diversified backgrounds get attracted towards it.
3. Fashion:- In fashion you can write about your own latest fashion statement to justin beibers latest hairstyle or new wardrobe of a celebrity, more you research on this topi. You can get more and more latest hits flops from fashion world. Fashion is something which remains in half a population through out the year. Whether it is summer or winter, autumn or spring fashion ball keeps on rolling. If you have never tried ever in this field you can try your hand in this two.
4. How To:- This topic is diversified as well as major attraction and attention source in online world. If you are able to make your not so geeky reader know how to fix his laptop with a Blue screen and Error code dumping Physical memory your blog can get flooded with dumbstruck Netizens. People are looking for solutions to there day to day problems if you have solutions to some of these pick up your writing mind and start your workout.
5. Psychology:- Do you know how to deal a tough boss or effective parenting of toddlers or you know how to make your jealous friend to normalcy. If you have few tips and tricks to deal with everyday Pyscho problems of people, you are game. Write down and enrich lives of many. You never know you are solving  problems of numerous lives without actually knowing them. As this is something which is unique and gifted I am sure you must be aware of challenge while structuring your complete post.
I am not giving you the topics you can write about because anyways you are writer of your own. I tried to give some broad picture of how things roll when you feel stuck in Ideas. Last suggestion from my side to perspective writer is not to give a second thought that whether this topic will click or not because it is not clicking and piling up people over your blog but it is more about how you touched your readers and make them feel connected with your Blog.


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