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Contemporary Abstract Art: Implosions and Explosions

By Yasoypintor @antoniobasso

Modern Abstract Art

Last week, many examples of modern abstract art implosions and explosions showed up in my computer screen. It´s curious because I did not search them!. They just appeared so I decided to make this interesting post full of alternative contemporary art examples.

Let´s start with this fabulous colorful and full on movement abstract paintings by Mark Schoening. I found this intriguing contemporary artist at I need a guide (an insteresting contemporary art blog guide).

Modern abstract art, contemporay art, abstract art, explosions

abstract art, modern art, contemporary art, modern abstract art, explosions

Now watch this abstract art video implosion made by Lauren Pelc – McArthur . I discovered this artist at this instering art, design and many other things… website called lostateminor. Do you find the resulting artwork relaxing or stressful?

Now is the turn for this abstract photography explosions full of color made by Ryan Taylor. Aren´t they splendid?. I found them at This is colossal a not to be ever missed and “colossal” website.

abstrac photography, modern art, color, contemporary photo

abstrac photography, modern art, color, contemporary photo

The following is a short but explicit video made by the Guggenheim Museum for the John Chamberlain exhibition. His colorful and alternative metal abstract sculptures are a great example of an implosion, arent´they? To me they are simply extraordinary pieces of modern abstract art.

To finish, take a look at one of Antonio Basso´s conceptual abstract paintings called Tie#11. Fix your view of the hemp string. It´s explooooding!!

Antonio Basso, Abstract art, modern art, contemporary art, organic art, primitive art

What do think about these abstract artworks?. Do you know any other examples?. Why do think implosions and explosions are an attractive theme for contemporary artists?. Add your comments below and share the post with others for the conversation to grow. Thanks

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By Aaron A Amyx
posted on 29 March at 13:55

interesting in deed! where do u think it ALL came from, stupid human creatures? your only tools -you don't invent anything!