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Consumer Sportswear Label

By Golfrefugees
Consumer Sportswear Label. Why sportswear? There is currently no hazardous chemical information provided to consumers on apparel labels, even thought a quarter of the world’s chemicals are used in the production of textiles. Modern sportswear is designed to interact with your sweating skin, keeping you feeling dry and fresh, easy to care for and brightly coloured.
How is this achieved? Eleven chemical groups used in textiles have been identified from documents supplied by leading apparel brands and chemical suppliers. The ChemSec Sin list database has been used to identify hazardous chemicals from these groups to obtain substance classification. Golf Refugees conclude that the most pertinent information for consumers to quickly absorb would be the classification of chemicals rather than a list of all the hazardous substances used. Hence our new consumer sportswear label shows the number of carcinogens, bioaccumulatives and hormone disruptor chemicals used to produce each garment. Carcinogenic (cancer causing), Mutagenic or toxic to Reproduction - CMR Heavy metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium (VI))
Organotin compounds
Perfluorinated compounds
Halogenated solvents
Aromatic amines Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxics - PBT Heavy Metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium (VI))
Organotin compounds
Perfluorinated compounds
Polyhalogenated alkanes
Alkylphenols Endocrine (hormone) Disruptor Chemicals - EDC Organotin compounds
Polyhalogenated aromatics
Alkylphenols Support from consumers is vital to persuade major sportswear brands and regulators to provide chemical information of apparel labels. We believe every sportswear article should carry this consumer chemical label to increase awareness and improve standards.

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