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Consider a Laser

By Sailingguide
Laser Sailboat

Need an inexpensive way to have some fun on the water or get back into sailing? Thought about looking around for a used Laser? As one of the most popular small, easily transported sailboats, Lasers usually aren't too hard to find, and once you're comfortable in one you can try out racing at the nearest club. Learn more about different Laser models here. A Sunfish is another great small boat, somewhat easier and less intense to sail than a Laser - more the choice for recreational sailing. One of the great things about sailing a dinghy, especially for those of us who've been cruising and racing in larger keelboats for years, is that it really immerses you in the essential experience of sailing, the play of wind and water, the balance of weight and power, the intense awareness of being there.

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