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Conquering My Fear of Neons & Brights

By Verybusymama @verybusymama
When I heard neons and brights were back for the Spring, I thought "Oh shooooot, I'm out of luck". I can handle the stripes, but a sudden burst of color made me very nervous.
Seriously, I am a colorphobe. Have been for years (the last time I wore neon was in 1991 and I was in the 6th grade). I tend to stick to blues, blacks, reds and nothing too loud. I do have color but mainly darker shades and certainly NOT below the waist.
But....I've been looking. And trying. And experimenting with what is already in my closet. This week I dared to wear color from head to toe, and went out in public. I have to admit, I'm kind of liking it.
I'm not 100% comfortable, mostly because you can see the outline of my tummy and muffin top, but I'm working on that too. What definitely has helped has been my 8 lbs weight loss with Medifast and it's given me a major confidence boost.
Conquering my fear of neons & brights
Conquering my fear of neons & brights Little M sporting his new shades
Before running out shopping, I dug through my clothing and surprisingly found a pink sweater from Banana Republic that I bought last year which I have never worn and a pair of skinny blueish/purple jeans that I bought in London. I had bought them at Primark for £8 (about $5) without trying them on. Sadly they didn't fit, but this week they did!
So without spending a penny, I put together a new Spring look that I am very happy with and now I'm excited to tackle more color!
Today however, I ventured into my safety store, Gap and saw they had everything at 30% off including sale items. I do need more tops, so I was keen to find some brights...and I did.
Conquering my fear of neons & brights
I ended up with two light striped sweaters, a bright blue top and bright pink top. I decided against the pink jeans mainly they were way too expensive.
So there you have it. This mamรก is embracing neons and brights. Take a chance, you might surprise yourself. If I can do it, YOU can do it!
My suggestion:
Look through the items you already own and see what you can do with those. If you are going to shop, then try out colored tops to get comfortable with a new look then work your way down. Good thing is that loose fitting blouses and over-sized shirts are in and it's very simple to pair with leggings or your favorite jeans.
What trends are you most looking forward to, or most nervous/scared of this season?

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