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Conflict Diamonds: An Infographic

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

While it’s always fun to think about the final step in the life of a diamond (the part where it’s yours!), the hard truth remains that diamonds continue to engender human rights violations, pollution, and war. The Kimberly Process attempts to keep conflict diamonds off the market, but the process is far from flawless, and those diamonds still end up in little black boxes around the world. How can you ensure that your diamond stands for love, beauty, and your fabulous personal taste – not war, violence and destruction? One great way is by shopping exclusively for estate, vintage and antique jewelry. These diamonds are recycled – no mining, no smuggling, and no funding war in foreign countries. You can find out more about conflict diamonds and how to avoid them by checking out the infographic after the jump!

Conflict Diamonds Hitting Stores Near You Learn about data visualization tools.

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