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Confessions of a Sweet Apple - July

By Sweetapple19 @sweetappleyard
Confessions of a Sweet Apple - July
Some nonsensical ramblings for your Monday morning procrastination session…can you imagine what it is like up in my brain. Terrifying place to live.
I confess…if I had a bucket list, one of my goals would be to find a canyon. A big one. Yell a dirty word and hear it echoed back at me from all angles. Does anyone else find that idea liberating. It’s like stubbing your toe…yelling F**KING F**K as loud as you can, makes it feel better instantly.
I confess…sometimes I go home from social occasions early so I can YouTube things.
I confess...I've got 'nod and smile knowingly' down to a fine art. I still maintain it is one of the most useful skills to come out of my PhD.
I confess…all I can smell for the last four days is curry. I started to worry it is me, which is alarming as I don’t eat curry (still scarred from my India trip). Then I thought I was having a stroke, but apparently you smell burnt toast before one of those. So I looked it up on YouTube (you know I did) and found this very strange video HERE
I confess…of late, I have had this creeping desire to get a sleeping bag, a bottle of red and a playmate and sit up signal hill to watch the morning sun wash Dunedin with a new day.
I confess...the real trouble I have with starting something new, is that I have to suck at it for a while. 
I confess…today my friends have bullied me into asking a guy out that I met last week. They used comments like ‘YOLO’ and ‘the old Katie would have done it'. It’s true! I used to be so ballsy at this stuff, but today, I am completely terrified and would prefer to eat a dairy pie after a long night in the warmer. I've completely lost my mojo.
I confess...I'm leaving you now to YouTube 'finding your lost mojo'
Much Love XX
Confessions of a Sweet Apple - July
- Thinking of Wellington today -

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