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Confessions of a Sweet Apple - December

By Sweetapple19 @sweetappleyard

Confessions of a Sweet Apple - December
It's confession time! I haven't done this for a while. Time to get some things off my chest...
I confess…I hate public speaking. I hate it. I would rather clean a toilet.
I confess…picturing people in their underwear doesn’t help…who came up with that? Most of the time I’m speaking to old, male paediatricians. Picturing them half-naked is a good way to ruin a perfectly fine day.
I confess…the sensodyne ad for sensitive teeth frustrates me…close your mouth when you dive into a wave!
I confess…my aunty and I suffer from takeaway anxiety. Once they start throwing options at us to upsize, or add a regular side for a dollar, we get very confused. Do I want the side? Oh I’m not sure if I need that potato and gravy. But everyone needs potato and gravy! Crap, there is a line of people behind me…make a decision!! Once, Aunty Carolyn went in for a two-pack of chicken with fries and came out with a bucket of chicken and coleslaw.
I confess…I am currently addicted to Big Brother Australia. I know it’s bad, I know there is something far more productive I could be doing with 1.5 hours of my weekday. But I love it so much! It fascinates me. It’s prying with permission!
I confess…I became so guilty about the amount of time I am spending watching TV at the moment, that I now do pilates for 60 minutes whilst spying on the Australians. I call this part of my day My Big Brother Butt Lift Power Hour.
I confess…I think this might be a little stroke of genius. 
Much love xx
Confessions of a Sweet Apple - December

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