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Confessions of a Shy Blogger #ATBF11 Edition

By Mswicegood @MeganSwicegood
Confessions of a Shy Blogger #ATBF11 EditionTomorrow is the Austin Teen Book Festival. Of course, as an Austin resident I'm heading over there. I actually will be volunteering with Book People in book sales in the morning if anyone wants to stop by and say "hi" (blonde, red toned glasses, large German nose). Here's the thing - I'm totally freaked out. I've been blogging for a bit over a year now, but I haven't done too much to connect with other bloggers or with authors. I comment a lot and I sometimes @reply on twitter to fellow bloggers, but I haven't bonded with any other bloggers the way some have. I feel kind of nervous about tomorrow. I'm new to Austin and won't be attending with anyone (well, the husband might come in the afternoon because he likes to watch me be silly and excited over stuff but he hasn't read any of the authors that will be there so he doesn't really get it) so I'm a tad nervous about meeting new people.
I'm also majorly skittish about meeting authors. I feel like such a dork when I meet someone whose work I admire - especially writers. I've only met a handful of authors before and all that was "required" interaction - they were college professors or they were guests and speakers at my various jobs. At my core I'm still a high school band dork with my nose stuck in a book in the back of the physics lab. Don't get me wrong, I'm not socially crippled, just a tad shy and awkward, so I'm a little nervous about meeting so many people (bloggers and authors) that I adore. That usually equals total spazz moment for me. I'm just betting that I'm not the only one attending who was a high school band dork with their nose stuck in a book who still feels like a total spazz sometimes.

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