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Computer Grinding Noise, Running Slow – Fixed!

By Kidfreeliving @kidfreeliving
Computer Grinding Noise, Slow

This is what I looked like by the time I was done fixing it.

What is That Computer Grinding Noise Burrowing Through My Brain?!

I’m posting this because I just spent two hours trying to figure out why my computer (Windows) was slow and the hard drive’s computer grinding noise was making me CRAZY. Obviously, some process was running and eating all my CPU or memory, but what??

I restarted. That didn’t do it. I stopped all the startup programs I thought were useless and restarted, but that didn’t do it.

So then I did the old Control-Alt-Delete and chose Task Manager.

In the Task Manager, I viewed the “Processes” tab to see what programs seemed to be eating all my CPU or Memory – nothing seemed suspicious.

THEN I hit the “Show Processes from All Users” button at the bottom of the Task Manager.


Computer Grinding Noise = Microsoft Search Index (in my case)

Microsoft Search Index was grinding along, eating all my memory. My computer was indexing itself for future searches at the expense of me getting any work done.

How to Fix Your Computer Grinding Noise & Slow Operating in this instance:

1. Click the Windows Icon at the lower left of the screen and type services.msc into the search.

2. Find “Windows Search” in the list of services and double-click on it to open it.

3. Change the Startup type to Manual (or Disabled), and then click the Stop button to stop the service.

BOOM. My computer is now quiet for the first time in years and isn’t agonizing slow. No more computer grinding noise.

Back to work!

Hope that helps someone!

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