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Common Mistakes in Photography

By Jerrymurray

Most of us like taking pictures. A lot of people buy expensive professional or semi-professional cameras for that. No matter how good your camera is, you are not going to take good pictures if you don’t avoid making common mistakes.

Common mistakes in photography

Here are a few of them:

  • Pictures out of focus. A slight move of your hand when taking a picture can spoil everything: the picture is going to be blurry and it is going to be very hard to fix (if possible).
  • Do not forget to clean object-glass every now and then – it is going to be very disappointing if the picture is blurry because you forgot to clean it.
  • Don’t take a picture from a short distance, this way the object may seem disproportionate.
  • The object is out of focus. The object is going to be blurry in the picture if it is out of focus. If you are taking a picture of a person and they move at the moment you press the button, the picture is going to be no good. But of course now there are cameras that can capture objects in motion.
  • Closing a part of an object-glass with a foreign object.
  • The reflection of the flash. Make sure there are no mirrors or polished object in front of you when you take a picture with the flash.
  • The object is too light: the reason is taking a picture from a short distance with a flash or the wrong choice of the mode.
  • The picture is too dark: same reasons. It is either the wrong choice of the mode or the position of the object, but in this case it means the object is too far away.
  • Do not take a picture standing in front of the sun. This also may be the reason of the picture being dark.
  • The way you hold the camera matters too. Especially if it’s a big professional / semi-professional camera.
  • The wright choice of zoom is also important when taking a picture. There is no need to zoom the object if you can just stand a little closer – this way the picture is not going to suffer any loss in quality.
  • Pay attention to the background: there shouldn’t be any objects conflicting with the main one.
  • Focusing on the wrong part of the composition.
  • Placing an object right in the middle sometimes makes it look boring and primitive.
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