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How to Choose a Pet That Suits Your Personality

By Jerrymurray

There are less psychotypes that one may suppose to be. Of course everybody is unique and there are no even the two people in the whole world who were completely the same. But the set of the certain characteristics allows all the people to be divided into the several large groups according to their psychological types. Having divided the people's personalities into the large groups the psychologists can easily choose the appropriate methods, food, lifestyle, physical activity and animal companion suitable to the each category.

So here is the list of the pets that will suit your personality.

How to Choose a Pet that Suits Your Personality

  • If you are an easy-doing and active people will enjoy the company of a dog or a small puppy. Consider various breeds. The chihuahua dogs are very playful and devoted to their owners. The retriever pups are the perfect companions for noisy and cheerful children. If you want to take an animal companion for your children it would be a good idea to choose a pup as in that way both human and animal children will grow simultaneously.
  • The calm and self-absorbed dreamers who value their personal space and independence will appreciate the company of a cat. Cats are supposed to be rather detached animals as they won't stand violating their territory. But the owners of a cat claim that these animals can be very affectionate and emotional. The playful kittens will cheer you up on a gloomy day and the adult cat will comfort you quietly purring on your knees.
  • The people who lack communication may enjoy playing with ferrets and watching them sleeping. These devoted animals have the active and fun loving personality. Many ferret owners suppose that these small animals are as playful as kittens and devoted as dogs. The main advantage of this animal is the fact that it doesn't require walking it outside.

How to Choose a Pet that Suits Your Personality

  • The selfish children who are sure that the animals must always be ready to play with them may learn how to be more tolerant if they would take care after the fish. The fish won't play with their owner or ask to be stroked by their heads but their life depends upon their owner's care.
  • The dreamers may appreciate the company of the exotic animals such as spiders or snakes. These animals may help their owners to cope with his phobias and learn how to communicate with the ones who don't look like them. Many people are commonly afraid of spiders, snakes, lizards and bats as they don't understand them. Normally the people know what to expect from a cat or a dog. A little tasty bite, some soothing words and the animal accepts you. But what is the one supposed to do when he sees a snake? The rare one would stroke a snake by its back. But the snake or spiders owners suppose that these animals are also emotional and devoted to a human being.
  • A bird would be the perfect mate for the punctual people who find it difficult to relax and be spontaneous. The merrily tweeting bird will be a living example of enjoying the one's life and the right attitude towards the boring routine.

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