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Comment Feature on Facebook Can Now Be Edited

Posted on the 25 June 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u

facebook comment
One popular feature on the social networking site Facebook is a feature of 'like' and 'comment'. In general, any user can comment on any status, photos, and articles that are shared by other users. That way, users can exchange comments and discussions with other users. But such comments are often misspelled or often known as typo ( typographical error ). Writing errors in the column can not edit this comment. Typically, the user must remove the comments and then write it again properly. But no one knows if the actual Facebook allow users to perform editing this comment. Facebook gives pause 30 seconds for users who want to edit these comments. By clicking on a cross (X), the comments were going to be edited. edit comment Now, Facebook reportedly will add features that form the 'edit comment'. Users will not be allowed to edit comments in just a pause of 30 seconds as before. Comments that have been edited will be no notice of these comments had been edited. Thus, other users can still never know when a comment is edited. This feature can be enjoyed multiple users, and other users in the next few days. To start, the edit feature is rumored to not be available on the mobile version of Facebook. source

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