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Comfortable: I’ve Been Single Too Long

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

ive been single too long 2Comfortable: I’ve Been Single Too Long

I came to the conclusion this weekend that I’ve been single too long. So much so, until I think I would have a hard time adjusting to being in a relationship. In fact, I questioned myself everyday as to whether I would want to be in a committed relationship anytime soon despite the fact that I date. Maybe it just a phase or maybe I haven’t found the right person but, whatever the case, I really value my freedom. After being single so long, I have really taken the “I’m single and don’t give a damn” attitude to the next level. I’ve been single too long and I’m damn comfortable being unattached.

Some people have a hard time being alone. They hop from relationship to relationship with very little time in between. I on the other hand chose to be alone for awhile. That’s because yours truly has learned a BIG lesson about jumping my ass in something too soon. You end up unhappy, you realize that maybe this person isn’t for me; you find that you’re just plain ole incompatible, or you realize you’re just filling a void. And let’s not forget the something is missing syndrome. When it comes to relationships, I’ve become the turtle ….you know “slow and steady wins the race” that’s me! I’m in no hurry for anything when it comes to my romantic life.

Unlike many others, being single does NOT suck to me, I love my freedom. I love coming and going as I please, and I love only having myself to think about. I don’t like being put in a box, I don’t like answering to people, I don’t like listening to unwanted advice and I damn sure don’t like anybody in my face all the damn time. I have become the ultimate comfortable single woman. I don’t think anything is wrong with that, but I also don’t think comfortable is the best way to be. As a result, I now wonder if I would be able to adapt to the changes that come with being in a relationship.

I don’t want people to confuse being comfortable with being bitter. I happen to believe there are some wonderful people in this world who want a fulfilling relationship. I’m just not in a hurry to jump into one with one of them. However, maybe my tone would change if I actually had someone to light some fire under my ass but that remains to be seen. Maybe I have a case of the “I’ve been single too long syndrome”, whatever the hell that may be.

If you were single for awhile, did you find it hard transitioning from being single to being in a relationship?

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