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Columbus Art Museum, Ohio, USA

By Theexhibitionlist @exhibitionlist
columbus art museum

Today we visit the Columbus Art Museum with Mark Bick’s Photography blog…

Remember growing up as a kid and being drug to the art museum. You had to follow the law of the building or some old guy in a suit popped out like a ninja and showed you the error of your ways.




So when we went to the Columbus Museum of Art a while ago and we were shocked by how much it changed.

Art and Janmastami 2012 004

This room is the first thing you come to when you enter the galleries. Yeah! it’s an interactive playroom for the kids and not a museum ninja to be seen. They encouraged you to touch, climb, and talk. WHAT!? a kid could actually have fun? I think I entered bizzaro world.

Art and Janmastami 2012 009

Art and Janmastami 2012 029

Of course the regular art was there and the old rules applied. There were people taking pictures of the art, people talking about the art, even people being the art.

Art and Janmastami 2012 106

Art and Janmastami 2012 085

Art and Janmastami 2012 120

Art and Janmastami 2012 076

In the end it was a great day for all of us. We saw the works of Monet, Lichtenstein, and Picasso. The kids saw a ancient mosaic from Lod, Israel dating back to the Roman era. Plus my wife saw the master’s of art in the masters gallery.

Of course the Alice in Wonderland life sized chess set was cool too. I recommend to you all, if your in Columbus, Ohio, don’t miss the art museum.

Art and Janmastami 2012 153

Location: 480 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Entry Fee: Adults $10, 6-17 years $5, Under 5 – free

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