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Collective Hipsteria in Barcelona

By Vecie78 @NeverSayCool

Once Again, NSC team was on the front line of an awesome event, sure that the expectations that had arisen over the past few weeks around this matter would have been fulfilled at their greatest.

brunch music event in barcelona spain

We had the opportunity to follow the beloved concept of day time outdoor dancing – with qualitative line-up exquisitely mixing local scene and well-known international names – since the first event of the big brother Piknic Elektronic BCN, (2012) we have seen it growing and becoming part of the Sunday happening of the city; like your Sunday Roast at  granny’s house, for me as an Italian, it would be like a large lasagna at la nonna’s house.

What then? Brunch Elektronik BCN where the Barcelona hipster community gathers on a Sunday afternoon, especially in case of absence of vintage markets planned in the city schedule. But we DO love modern people. Barcelona’s hipsters know where the real & good fun is.

brunch music event in barcelona

On a 0-10 hipster scale, the event would score a deserved 28!

brunch-electronik-barcelona-poble-espanyol brunch hipster

Before going into the details on how we spent the first day of the season, these are the Winners, Losers and the Nah of event.

WINNERS: Location, AME, cashless, team behind the event, family friendly, kids’ area, cosmopolitan crowd

LOSERS: Queue to enter, bars queue, toilets queue, Brunch top-up card, queue to… well, you get the concept.

NAH: Music volume

NEXT TO DISCOVER: the food zone & the market.

brunch-electronik-barcelona-poble-espanyol brunch hipster

The location chosen this year is the Plaza Mayor of the Poble Espanyol which is quite a change from the first seasons of the event (CCCB). We consider this decision as a very welcome idea for a number of reasons: stroll in the green, spot some amazing views, and once the party is over, you can enjoy a walk back to the civilization through one of the nicest areas in Barcelona surrounded by some of the major city’s monuments.

poble espanyol barcelona

On top of that, the venue can host 2000 or more partygoers increasing the capacity to 5,000 (reduced to 4K now). This means that compared to last season, they can invest even more in international names, (full line up HERE).

The new venue and the bigger crowd, however, lead to some inconveniences such as a very large queue at the bar, at the entrance, at the Cashless points and the toilets.
Despite a few harsh comments in regards to the queues, the event organizers have been able in less than 24 hours before the end of the fiesta to transform these critics into a good mitigation plan as described in the infographic below.

brunch music festival in barcelona

The event team did an amazing job responding to the social media community which showed interest and connection to Brunch aficionados for one reason: music.

ame brunch music festival barcelona

Another novelty of this year is the move from the token (pre-paid plastic coins) to a top-up card which is equal from an environmental point of view to less plastic waste (ask yourself: where did all the tokens go at the end of the season?).

children at brunch elektronic in barcelona 2015

Music started at 4pm with Rainer, followed at 6pm by a Session Victim performance. Sadly the sound was not at the best (volume) but we could notice how the crowd was relentlessly and rising its mood: you could feel the expectations increasing by the minute.
Besides, sound engineers must have done one of their tricks when Ame played at 8pm; the sound reached a more acceptable and desirable level, which produced the momentum: 2 hours of exquisite and elegant set. The crowds unleashed the full potential of energy and enjoyment and Ame picked this flow and led all of us to a worshipping state.

At the end of the session, It left us begging for more and longing for the next Brunch…and oh?!..have you seen the flying pink unicorn?

via Good2bZurda,

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