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Collage Bracelet Journal Page

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Collage Bracelet Journal Page I like to encourage students to make art that spreads across two pages. The more entries that are tall or wide or even upside down, the better! 1. Students trace their hand and arm in pencil across two journal pages. The arm is traced with a thin black marker and colored in with skin color. 2. Various rectangles are cut from the pattern paper and glued over the arm to look like bracelets. Boys could make one colorful band and add a paper circle to create their own watch. 3. I started with a writing prompt of “I like to wear _____.” Students filled in with whatever description worked for them. The words are written in pencil, filling up the page as much as possible, and traced in black marker. Lastly, the background was colored in as well.

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