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Coffee Can Totem Pole

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Coffee Can Totem Pole This was my solution to finish off my coffee can totem pole project, going with the kind of “wooden” look that kraft paper does so well. Some excited students later added lots of color, but I think the features stand out best when just outlined in black. Here’s an overview of how this pole was made: 1. I taped together about 8 jumbo sized coffee cans with heavy tape. 2. Students tore up brown packing paper that had come with recent art supplies and paper mached it onto the cans, rubbing it as smooth as they could. One class of 25 working in two groups covered it really well in about 45 minutes. Let dry for several days. 3. Referring to my Totem Pole coloring page, I drew faces with similar styles. I started with pencil, then traced the lines with a black marker to make them more visible. The paper will be kinda bumpy, so to get final black fluid lines, trace the marker with a small brush dipped in black tempera cake paint.

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