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Coal Ash Contamination – Featured Article in CPWToday Issue 4

By Stabone @stabone
screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-7-41-10-pmErnie Sears and I at Protected Places Media are very excited to publish our fourth issue of CPWToday.com, our conservation eMagazine (ezine). We continue to take on important issues, such as Climate Change, and in this issue, we also have a very informative article and short documentary film about a serious threat to the residents of Prince William County and the environment. The highly toxic Coal Ash stored atPossum Point on the Potomac River is contaminating the nearby river and creek and believed to be poisoning the ground water as well. Even if you do not live in Prince William County, you should read our coal ash article and watch the film, because coal ash contamination is a threat in 47 states in our country. The direct link to this article is: www.cpwtoday.com/coal_ash.html.

This issue also provides uplifting articles and films on a local Farm-to-Table event, the hummingbirds that call Prince William County home for part of the year, and Prince William County hiking and biking trails.

Our previous issues of CPWToday.com are also available, if you have not seen them. If you enjoy reading and seeing our articles and films, please share them with others. And, if you have any comments, please send them to us either online or by email.

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