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CNN Clock Counting Down To GOP Debate… Literally

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

For the past several days, CNN has featured an onscreen clock counting down the days, then minutes to Tuesday’s GOP debate.

3 Clocks We’d Rather See Count Down On CNN

  1. Number of minutes until Anthony Bourdain does a shot while “on assignment” in a bar in another country. (This could also be a drinking game – take a shot every time he does while watching his show Parts Unknown.)
  2. Number of minutes to an ad for a depressing expose by Lisa Ling on her show This Is Life.
  3. Number of days until we don’t have to see CNN commentator, Ana Navarro described as a Republican strategist and supporter of Jeb Bush.  We’d like to play Stratego with this woman, because strategy does not seem to be her thing based on Bush’ results in the polls.

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