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Cloudy with a Chance of Ignorance…

By Blairbarnes

I was on the patio. Great, best section. Clouds were rolling in and it
was going to rain. 40% chance of rain. It was 100% in my book as it
started to pour. Two tourists from eastern europe (no ice in the
water, no tip on the bill.) started moving the umbrella over a table
outside in the pouring fucking rain. I had zero tables, I went out and
waited there table water and bread. They flagged me down with 1 finger
as if they were in a rush and they said they were ready. I had no
where under the umbrella to stand so I stood in the rain as they
looked at the menu for the first time and asked me 1 million
questions. I got soaked, 10 hours left, and got 0$ for a tip. I hate
serving so much it is crushing my soul.

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