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Cloth Diaper Types: Wool Covers

By Craftycrunchymama
It's been a while since I have talked about cloth diapers, so I thought I would give the next cloth diaper spot to one of my very favorite items: the wool soaker!
When I first heard of wool for cloth diapering I thought people had gone off the deep end. I mean first of all everyone knows wool is itchy. Second, how could it be waterproof? Washing must be SO difficult. And only washing once every couple of weeks? That is disgusting. And what in the world is lanolizing?
Now that I have tried wool, I will never look back. I have found it is the very opposite of what I thought it would be. It is easier - that's right I said EASIER - to clean than my other diapers and covers (including lanolizing!). It isn't itchy at all (even my father who hates wool doesn't mind the lanolized diaper - it feels different). And they never smell.
I love that wool is a natural material. I always feel like I am doing right by my baby when I put him in a cotton prefold or flat and a wool cover. It's so earthy and organic. I love it!
Wool is also breathable. Even though it is usually associated with cool weather, wool can be cooler than other waterproof covers made with PUL just because of the breathability. And they are SO CUTE!
I get all of my wool soakers from a local wool genius: Under the Green Umbrella. Her soakers are out of this world cute and are made from upcycled wool. Can't get much better than that!

Cloth Diaper Types: Wool Covers

Photo courtesy of Under the Green Umbrella

Features of the wool cover:
  • Breathable
  • Antibacterial and anti fungal
  • Absorbs wetness without feeling wet
  • Easy to maintain - depending on frequency of use washing is only required every other week or so.
  • Urine is turned to salt water when it comes in contact with the lanolin so there is no smell.
  • Can be made from upcycled materials
  • Adorable
  • Made of natural materials
  • Great for night time use (even for those who don't cloth diaper, slap one of these puppies over a disposable at night or during a long car ride. I've done it.)
  • They do tend to be sized but one cover can stretch and grow with your child for quite a while.

Cloth Diaper Types: Wool Covers

Baby J in a wool cover

For more information on the benefits of wool diapers see this Real Diaper Association article.

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