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Clogged Drains Causing Trouble? – Know the Causes and Take the Right Course of Action

By Moamen Enoo
Clogged Drains Causing Trouble? – Know the Causes and Take the Right Course of Action

Clogged drains are a huge inconvenience and also cause health issues due to the swarming bacteria. Initially, it may sound like a minor issue, but it could turn into something bigger when ignored for too long. It could be due to early stages of clog, pipes that have become narrowed due to grease or mineral build up or improper grading of drainage system.

DIY techniques may be inexpensive but you run the risk of making things worse. Contact professional plumbing services for drain repair. For services regarding plumbing Hills district reach out to 'All Plumbing Works'. Their plumbers are trained in all plumbing services and offer prompt service. They leave behind no mess and provide 24*7 emergency plumber support.

Causes for clogged drains and ways to prevent them:
  • Hair: Build-up of hair clogs your drain. More often it can be sorted out by clearing the hair manually. If it is not cleared regularly, it can cause more problems. You can pull it out by using gloves. Alternatively, you can purchase cleaning devices like drain spiders to remove hair.
  • Dirt: Dirt from washing clothes or natural debris like leaves and debris blocks the drains. Rinse excess dirt from your clothes before washing them and do regular garden maintenance and keep the garden area free from leaves.
  • Soap: Traditional soap bars contain grease or fat which combines with minerals present in water and results in a hard residue known as soap scum. The residue cause stains and clogs drains. You could change the soap and have your pipes pressure cleaned once in a while to avoid soap build-up.
  • Food waste: Even if your sink is equipped with disposal, see that food wastes don't go down the drain. Waste like coffee ground and tea leaves don't break down and piles up. Wastes that contain oil and grease would solidify and cause blockage in the pipes. Dispose the food wastes separately.
  • Mineral build up: Minerals present in hard water build ups in pipes and causes insoluble masses. In areas which have hard water, installing water softeners is a solution. Alternatively, you can de-scale and remove sediments on a regular basis. When left on for too long, it is trickier to remove the build-up without getting the help of a plumber.
  • Broken pipes: Pipes are susceptible to breakage due to general wear and tear or tree roots. Pipes with cracks are prone to blockage. If this is the cause of blockage, you'll be unable to diagnose it unless the crack is evident. See if the pipes have visible leaks or there is water staining in the ceiling and contact a plumber.
  • Wrong pipe installation: DIY pipe installation may save you bucks but if done incorrectly, causes fractured pipes, incorrect water flow and costly drain blockages. Always get your pipes installed by a licensed plumber.

Understanding the underlying reason for clogged drains would help in guarding against the problem. Depending on the severity of the problem, you can either sort it out by yourself or contact a licensed plumber.

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