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Clinton Vs. Trump: A Humorous Primer

By Humorinamerica @HumorInAmerica

It's here. The event of the century. The one we've all been waiting for with dread.

HEMPSTEAD, NY-Saying he would probably introduce the falsehood in his opening statement or perhaps during his response to the night's first question, Republican nominee Donald Trump reported Monday he was planning to throw out a blatant lie about the level of crime committed by immigrants early in the first presidential debate to gauge how much he'd be allowed to get away with. More...

Clinton vs. Trump: A Humorous Primer

With over a hundred million people projected to watch the debate, roughly sixty million of them will be barely sentient after ingesting what they deem to be the necessary dose of intoxicants. More...

Clinton vs. Trump: A Humorous Primer

Standing slightly crouched with her fists raised up in front of her in the middle of her campaign office's mock stage, a blindfolded Hillary Clinton reportedly implored her high-level staffers to attack her with talking points from all sides Wednesday in preparation for next week's first presidential debate. More...

Clinton vs. Trump: A Humorous Primer

"You just watch, folks," Trump told supporters in Toledo, Ohio. "Crooked Hillary is going to slip in little facts all night long, and that's how she's going to try to rig the thing." More...

Clinton vs. Trump: A Humorous Primer

Stay safe out there.

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