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Click - Do Not Fast Forward Your Life

By Whyjournal
Click - Do Not Fast Forward Your Life

Live Life to The Fullest

There are many many movies that I have not seen, and every once in a while I will get into a movie kick and watch a bunch of movies. I usually go to the older ones first since they are new to me!
Yesterday I watched the movie Click with Adam Sandler. The reason why I am writing about it today is because though it is a comedy it had a very valuable lesson and it made me think about things.
Adam Sandler is a family man with a wife and two kids. He is very dedicated to his job and loves his family very much. He is very conflicted because his family is wanting to spend time with him but his job is requiring him to be gone most of the time and when he is home he has work to do. His wife is feeling as though he is very distant and the kids are complaining about all the promises he has made but has not fulfilled.
His house is filled with remote controls that control various things. One for the TV one for the garage, toys, fans etc.. He is always picking up the wrong remote and getting frustrated. Nothing is going the way he wants.
He decides to go to the store to buy a universal remote. He feels he needs some kind of simplicity in his life. One less aggravation. (I am not going to add all details in case you have not seen it). He goes into the back room of the store because he is looking for some help in finding the remote and he runs into an employee. He is offered this really cool remote.
So basically what happens is, he finds out that this remote controls his life. He can rewind to past experiences, fast forward through things he finds unpleasant, pause etc. At first he is very excited because he gets to really control his life. He can skip through all the bad things and mute out all of the unwanted noise.
So of course when things started to go wrong in his life he would just skip through it. Cool right? Well what do you think would happen if you could skip time and arrive at a place where you think you want to be? You lose time. You lose lessons, experience, happiness, achievement and much more.
Let's say you just had a baby. The baby cries a lot and you have trouble putting them to sleep. You are so exhausted and worn out. You wish you could just fast forward to a time in which this would stop. You say to the remote, take me to when the crying stops and this baby will sleep, I am so tired. So the remote fast forwards your life 6 months. 6 months, that is a lot of time! Do you know how many wonderful things you would have missed out on in those six months? All the laughter the cute faces the learning the growing the bonding. Isn't the tiredness and the crying worth seeing your child grow?
Of course we are going to have bad times in our lives, but those things are the things that make up our lives. If we were to just rush through life we would miss so much. Time is valuable and accomplishment is so much sweeter when we have actually gone through the tears and the obstacles to get to that point.
My point here is to not let life fly by. Enjoy every minute that you have. Treasure the experiences in your life that are yours. Once time is gone, it is gone. We do not have a magic remote that will allow us to relive our experiences in the flesh. Of course we will always have our memories, but we have to live in order to create them.
We should live life to the fullest. I know we all want to be in a better place, but we do not know the future. And once we get there how will we feel? A lot of times what we want right now is not the same thing we want a month from now. So live everyday as though it was your last. Do the things you want to do and cherish your experiences, good or bad!
If you have not seen this movie I suggest you check it out. It does have a great lesson but it is also extremely funny!
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