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  • 1A phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. ‘that old cliché ‘a woman's place is in the home’’ ‘the usual worn-out clichés about the English’ mass noun ‘a mixture of good humour, innuendo, and cliché’
    1. 1.1 A very predictable or unoriginal thing or person. ‘each building is a mishmash of tired clichés’ ‘you're a walking cliché’
    2. I thought that I would start with a definition today because I am struggling to find much to say on this topic, except that various writing tutors have advised me to steer clear of clichés in every genre of my work.
    1. The first thought I had was 'the face that launched a thousand ships', words uttered by playwright Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus regarding Helen of Troy. Naturally it would then be easy to continue in that vein and tell the story of the Trojan wars but of course - that is not what this blog is about. 
  • Considering clichés, it is easy to quote them, especially in the current times when our politicians and media constantly expose us to 'sound bites', and slogans. How many times during Theresa May's short tenure of the office of Prime Minister have we heard the phrase ' Strong and stable government.'  Margaret Thatcher famously coined the phrase, 'the lady's not for turning.' 
  • I could list a million clichés but I don't think it would make an interesting read, so I put on my thinking cap (please excuse the cliché) and thought about two people who were anything but average.  
Cliches Parker and Barrow
She was a blonde bombshell With her eye on the prize He was a man on a mission With killer looks and a hot head. It was love at first sight And together they would paint the town red – Set the world alight. They went on a spree Across the mid-west Taking no prisoners. They pillaged and killed Anyone who stood in their way. Then came the showdown Their car was showered with bullets A bloodbath. Bonny and Clyde bit the dust Their names are the stuff of legend And a cliché for eternity.
Adele V Robinson

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