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Clever Buttons Swims Update – Tips to Getting Rid of That Bloating!

By Cleverbuttons @cleverbuttons

Hi all,

So as you know, the swim training is going really well! I have managed more lengths than I thought I could possibly do, and I am getting fitter by the day (apart from the pulled shoulder muscle)
However today I am posting about bloated stomachs – yes ladies you know how pesky that bloated feeling can be, and it is especially bad for me as I have to get in a swimming costumes every day – not exactly flattering! If like me, you suffer from bloating then you know how upsetting it can be, you just don’t feel like you look good in anything and the sluggishness is horrible.

So today I have been doing some research into beating the bloat and here are my top tips!

1. Cut out the salt – this is definitely something I am guilty of! The salt means that we retain water and it’s this water that makes our stomachs feel full! By cutting down on the amount of salt we eat we can reduce our bulge and get healthier at the same time!

2. Chew/eat slower. I have very limited time during the day to eat and I tend to find that I wolf my food down as quickly as possible! This is not a good idea – not only does it lead to indigestion but it will only add to the bloatedness. Also studies have shown that by eating slower we can lose weight!

3. Drink more water! I drink a lot of water anyway but it is true that on days when I don’t drink a couple of liters I am more bulbous!

4. Cut down on stressed. This is me to a tea, I spend my life stressed! I am working on it though and using yoga and exercising regularly I am finding I don’t stress quite as much!

5. Buy baggy – I know I shouldn’t be promoting baggy clothes to hide the belly, but sometimes I just want to throw on a baggy jumper, it doesn’t make me look better but it does help me feel it!

Anyway, I hope these tips help you too and don’t forget to sponsor me if you can, through my justgiving page.
oh and here are my favorite baggy clothes hehe!

baggy by cleverlittlebuttons featuring a shredded t shirt

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