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Clash of Clans New Strategy

By Sudhaa Gopinath @sudhaag17

Clash of Clans News

However, do not let this be an easy task for the enemy. Most likely, after ending its resources he will want to finish the job destroying their village. Place bombs and traps along the way that it will pass in order to eliminate most of the troops.
 fill the inside with some Hidden Teslas to make the enemy use more troops will fall into their trap later on.
   Protecting your assets
Clash of Clans New Strategy In Clash of Clans there is a shield that protects you against attacks. This shell can be purchased in two fomas: buying using gems or suffer an attack. In the latter, a 12-hour shield will be given if the enemy destroy your village center or to reach a percentage of 45% of destruction.
Upon reaching 50% of destruction, he will receive a star; to destroy your village center will receive two; and completely destroy their village, reaching 100% of destruction, he will receive a third and you will get a 16-hour shield.
Clash of Clans New Strategy Guide
   However, there are players who choose to attack villages to leave her exposed center, just to make a small - most importantly - the amount of trophies, not bothering to continue the attack.
If you, as a player opt for this type of layout, when an enemy attack your village center, you will lose a minimal amount of trophies for the most part and protect its resources, in addition to winning a shield and 12 hours, which will allow you to accumulate more and more features.
  One last tip: "Cut the grass." By this I meanour village. Many green gems hidden inside, which are a more important extremely valuable resource to accelerate our buildings or our production resources, or even create new builders. In fact, I recommend save them for this last task, because it is your best long-term use. Of course, we can also buy these green gems with real money if we want, but get a few "free" by removing an old trunk never hurts.

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