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Clarification on Drugs for Golfers

By Golfrefugees

Golfers, if you wish to improve your performance, forget about buying new clubs, balls or the latest sweatshop apparel, save up and buy some ‘deer antler spray’.
Trainers say it ‘makes you feel better, work out harder, feel stronger and recover faster.’ Why shouldn't you take it? It’s a legal competitive advantage.
Even though it does contain a banned substance; IGF-1, it’s not a violation of the Doping Code for you to use deer antler spray. Only banned substances that show up in urine tests are in violation, which IGF-1 doesn't and urine test are the only tests conducted by the Tour. Think of it as a clarification on which drugs you can legally take in tournament golf.
After all golf is a gentlemen's game, I just wonder whether you should declare it on the first tee?

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