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Circumcision Resources - Bookmark This for Future Reference

By Zenparenting1 @ZenParenting1
I am regularly asked for articles on circumcision and it finally occurred to me to put them all together in one place so that you all can bookmark just this one blog post and have all sorts of information at your fingertips. (I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes...)
Circumcision Resources - Bookmark This for Future Reference
The Vulnerability of Men
Myths About Circumcision You Likely Believe - 6 Part Series from Psychology Today

Non-Consensual Circumcision IS Rape
The Case for Routine Infant Tonsillectomy
Review of Foreskin Anatomy, Function, Development and Care
Dollars & Sense: the Business of Circumcision
The Lost List: What is Lost Due to Circumcision?
Penn & Teller: Circumcision is Bullshit
Paradigm Shift: My Journey from Pro-Circumcision to Intactivism
New Study Estimates Neonatal Circumcision Death Rate Higher Than Suffocation and Auto Accidents
circumcision video

Separated at Birth: Did Circumcision Ruin Your Sex Life?

Appeal to Fathers
FAQ About Circumcision
A Brief History of the Foreskin and Circumcision
Plastibell circumcision video
"I'm Circumcised and I'm Fine"
Circumcision Quick Start Guide
Ten Reasons I said NO! to Circumcision (and you should also)
One Baby's Experience
Doctors Opposing Circumcision: Circumcision Quiz

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