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Posted on the 27 March 2013 by Audiocred @audiocred

Acclaimed new indie pop trio CHVRCHES hail from dreary Glasgow, Scotland, but you’d never know it from their sound; the band’s music is fresh, light, and powerfully sunny with soaring synths and bright, celestial vocals. CHVRCHES are an endless forecast of sun and fun, and lately, people seem to be really basking in it. CHVRCHES   Recover  EP  300x300 CHVRCHES   Recover EP

So far, CHVRCHES’ brand of synth power-pop has proven irresistible, even to those who usually prefer their jams a bit bleaker (myself included). The band– composed of Lauren Mayberry, Martin Doherty, and Iain Cook– released sunny side up single “The Mother We Share,” in 2012, and have amassed quite a following since then. It’s hard to imagine that CHVRCHES haven’t even had a real release up to this point. Recover EP is our first, true introduction to a band who’ve been riding a seemingly endless wave of buzzy praise.

The beating heart of the Recover EP is, of course, title track “Recover,” CHVRCHES’ first post- “The Mother We Share” single. “Recover” differs in tone slightly from their aforementioned breakthrough track, yet still retains the same sense of upbeat purity that shines from the song’s every orifice. Mayberry croons majestically over a soft, clean, yet still quite firm, beat. CHVRCHES’ winning equation seems to be that shimmery, dynamic synths + charismatic, innocent vocals = instant indie rock mega-hit.

Also included on Recover is “ZVVL,” which features Martin Doherty on vocals for an interesting change of pace. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite match up with the band’s sensational singles, but its heavier, more mysterious approach proves that CHVRCHES are capable of more than just having a good time. Rounding out the EP are two remixes of “Recover,” from Curxes and Cid Rim, respectively. The UK based Curxes’ approach is especially intriguing, which starts out unassumingly enough but then spins the otherwise delicate track into a razor-sharp attack on the senses.

Buzz can often weigh heavy on a new band, but CHVRCHES have still managed to deliver a promising debut EP regardless. If Recover is any indication the band will continue to sail effortlessly past the hype, towards their undeniably bright future.

 CHVRCHES   Recover EP

3.5 / 5 bars

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