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Church Style // Ombre Lace

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez
Church Style // Ombre LaceI was invited to church, a different one from my usual, to join in the 60th birthday celebration of the pastor. I went because Don Moen was going to be there and because I enjoy the company of the person who invited me. Don Moen was fabulous, as always and the celebrant was all graciousness. It was a good service and the fashion after service was top-of-the-notch glamourously naija style. I attended in this ombre lace top and metallic purple skirt. Donning a scarf or gele would have made it more elaborate and attention-grabbing, but I skipped that because unless totally coerced I don't like to go OTT. At the end of service I changed into a simple look which I'll post this day next week because I headed to a casual get together. I don't share very much about my personal life on here because I would have to explain about the blog and experience has taught me meanings might be read into what I write and I might become too constrained and worry too much about what I write on here. Story for another day though.
How Do You Handle The People in Your Life Knowing About Your Blog? Church Style // Ombre Lace
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Church Style Ombre Lace

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