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Chubby Girl Gets Skinny: Lifestyle Diary 4.1

By Elisabeth @onecutedoc

I am so happy to be starting a lifestyle change. I had a very quick breakfast because I was working on the blog all day. I also had a very late lunch. However, it was so yummy! For dinner, I had a TV dinner and it was so yummy! I was actually impressed by how delicious it tasted. I also had ice cream because this week I have to be careful with my snacking.

I am so glad so many of you are following along this journey with me. As you know, I had a rough week last week and ended up gaining some weight. However, I am not going to let that get me down! Life is all about ups and downs. This is a lifestyle change remember so it will take the rest of my life and you all are along for the ride. I also have a very special surprise for you all in store next month. Keep your eye out!

The lovely Brie from Laqing in Creativity is joining me in this journey. It is so important to encourage others and I would love to have all of you join me (even if you aren't a blogger). Make sure you follow her along in her journey here! She is so lovely and I am just beyond proud of her. We are also working on a project for June that will make it easy for you all to join us! It will be like one big lifestyle change family. If you are a blogger, it will also be a way to gain more exposure. I can't wait to share it with you all! I want it to be a place where women and men of all sizes can come and share their journey! Everyone will be welcome!

Today's Thought-Provoking Question:

Q: What is your favorite chewing gum flavor?

A: This is such a funny question, but I love it! My favorite flavor is either mint or cinnamon. However, I don't chew gum very often anymore! What about you? What is your favorite chewing gum flavor?

I am so excited to be starting Week 4 of this journey. I really can't believe it is already week 4! I also can't wait to completely set up my new project for this series. I know you all will love it! I can't wait to see where this journey takes us all. Anyway, I am excited for this week and the new goals. I am going to begin tackling my snack addiction. I have a terrible habit of emotional eating and eating junk constantly. I will also master my 6:30 AM wake up goal for this week. It is going to happen. Make sure you check out Brie's post and follow her journey and goals. Also, if you would like to join us...let us know! The more the merrier. I can even email you a templet you can copy, paste, and fill in. Even if you don't need to lose weight, you can join us. We will gladly accept any tips and knowledge fitness experts bring. Or if you have other areas of your life that need improving, this lifestyle change is for you too! I can't wait to see what is in store for all of us throughout this journey. I am excited to be living my life again! I would love to hear what all you did today and ate! Share anything with me in the comments below!

Chubby Girl Gets Skinny: Lifestyle Diary 4.1

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