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Christmas In The Mad House

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

The night before Christmas Eve it began, the dreaded sickness bug waking Kia 4 at midnight who was sick all over her bedding as well as herself. I had to stop wrapping the presents still left to do and put her in the bath.

Christmas Eve saw the husband and Kody 2 under the weather and by bedtime it was starting to look like a hospital ward, with sick patients lying in every inch of space, wrapped in duvets.

I was starting to think things could not get any worse.

Midnight came and I desperately needed my bed, yet with a poorly 2 year old and a husband throwing up and sweating one moment then moaning they were freezing.

Not only that Kaiden 3 decided he was not going to sleep and ” he was not happy some man named Santa was coming into his house while he slept”, so he would stay awake. I knew I was in for a long night. I was.

Thankfully Kaiden finally fell asleep around half twelve and after debating how we were meant to fit all the presents into the living room, I gave in and put stacked them all in the kitchen.

I am actually pleased I did make use of the kitchen as both Kaiden and Kody allowed us a mere 2 hours sleep, both were ill and up all night. I spent the night on the sofa nursing poorly boys while the husband slept in the toy room on the pull out bed, to supposedly help me.

Christmas morning started with a shout ” Wake up mum it’s Christmas” at seven am. The three bigger kids were all huddled on the bed excitedly waiting

“Go back to bed I need to sleep” I wanted to scream but of course I dragged myself off the sofa just as the husband appeared from the toy room, looking like death warmed up

The bigger three came and sat in the living room with us, as they impatiently sat trying to make as much noise as the could so the three younger ones would wake up.

We gave them a helping hand and by half seven all 6 kids were awake

Of course it didn’t take long to open the presents

It took just as long for the house to look like a building ground

I wish I had peeled all the veg Christmas Eve as I normally do because as the time family and friends had been with even more gifts and left it was passed lunch and the kids were starving, so like a great mum I supplied them with cookies.

Lunch was ready and even Cameron 9 said ” Mum you should go on Come Dine With Me” it looks amazing.

The husband and Kody didnt agree and both slept for three hours and missed Christmas lunch, so I sat at the table with the others and pulled crackers and wore the paper hat

The children played and I tackled the kitchen and the washing up and had it looking somewhere near normal by the time the husband appeared at the door way ” Have I missed dinner?”

I heated his lunch in the microwave and made a fresh pot of gravy, he ate most of it.

Kody wasn’t impressed with warmed up lunch and had cereal instead

“Thank you to the best parents in the world, I love you and I appreciate all you do for me” were the words from my 13 year old that night, it made the days of stress and the hours preparing for Christmas worth it.

After a long and rather crazy day, Cameron was the first to crash out, he only went up to get his Pjs on and I found him face down exhausted on his bed, his boxing gloves at one side and his Ipad on the other.

Kia followed with Casey soon after, Nakita took herself off to bed

The husband then woke after dozing with Kody and I left them both on the sofa and pulled out the pull out bed in the toy room. I dont remember anything until this morning.

Its the day to start the housework again and get rid of more boxes I have found and arguing who is playing with new toy.

The joys of Christmas in the mad house !


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