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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Teacher … Not an Apple Or Coffee Mug in Sight!

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

Christmas gift ideas for the teacher … not an apple or coffee mug in sight!


The end of the school year is almost upon us and that means it’s come time to start thinking about teacher gifts. It’s an obligatory custom in the primary school phase but not something commonly done in high school,  and, as a high school teacher, I’ve not been overly upset by this as 15 coffee cups, 10 candles and 3 sets of talc/soap/lotion gift packs would surely pose a  storage problem. In years past, I’ve been as guilty as any other time-poor parent who has sent my youngster to school on break-up day with a clumsily wrapped package containing the embarrassment of a facewasher and soap tied with raffia, or even less imaginative, a coffee cup stuffed with Roses chocolates. I’m sorry comrades. I really am. Shame.

This year my Middle Young Man finishes primary school and I figure I should take a bit more time and care with the teacher gift, if only to prove to myself that I can. That probably means not leaving it until the Wednesday night of the last week of school to even think about it and, as there is only so much coffee even a caffeine-addicted teacher can drink in any one day, a “World’s Number 1 Teacher” coffee mug is not on the following list of affordable suggestions.

So, here it goes … some ideas for sharing Christmas cheer with your favorite teacher in only a few weeks time! Yikes, how the year has flown!

1.   A little plant potted into a funky pot would be memorable either in the classroom or at the teacher’s home.

2.   Most teachers harbor a secret (or not so secret) stationery fetish and so a fancy notebook, pen or cute paper clips are adorable and useful! (avoid diaries or calendars though as teachers usually have a preference for a certain teachy-type of planner)

3.   A book (or bookstore voucher) promising a relaxing summer holiday read – try to pick something with wide appeal that’s not too specific

4.   A Siamese fighting fish – just because they really are handsome … and low maintenance

5.   A decorated jar packed full of homemade treats such as rumballs, slice etc … yummmm

6.   An i-Tunes card for cool apps or some grooves

7.   A gift voucher for a meal at a local restaurant – teachers hate cooking as much as the next person

8.   A gift certificate for a pedicure (probably best for a female teacher … sorry for stereotyping)

9.   A movie ticket voucher

10.    A bottle of wine (winner!) Most teachers truly need appreciate wine, trust me


It’s Tuesday! So, again I’m linking up with Jess from Diary of a SAHM and IBOT!

Check it out, because she has much excitement going on!!

Christmas gift ideas for the teacher … not an apple or coffee mug in sight!

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