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Christmas Decorations for Your Bathroom

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

With just 12 days until Saint Nicks arrival, the holiday festivities are in full swing. Hopefully you have set up your Christmas tree and your exterior lighting is all in place. In order to create a flawless holiday home, you have to keep the Christmas spirit flowing throughout all of your rooms!

The bathroom will be one of those areas that family members and guests will use during their time they spend in your abode. To make them feel every bit welcome, you can spruce up your bathroom with the appropriate Christmas Decorations. Nothing looks worse than a home that says Christmas all over until you take a trip to the bathroom and are left highly disappointed. Don’t let a bland bathroom put a shadow over your Holiday celebrations. If you leave the bathroom out, it will look like you’ve just set up a couple of snow men and hung some lights!

Dress up Your Bathroom for Christmas

Santa Claus Toilet Set.

Santa Claus Toilet Set. Image via Design Rulz.

This Santa Claus outfit is tailored especially for your toilet. With a floor mat , tank cover, and seat cover, Saint Nick will be happy to see how you’ve decorated your bathroom for Christmas! All of the cookies and chocolate milk will make Santa take a pit stop; your home will be ready for a surprise visitor. This 4 piece set is a great way to get ready for the holidays!

Snowman Toilet Paper Holder

Cute snowman toilet paper holder. Image via Praktic Ideas.

I thought this snowman toilet paper holder was good for a chuckle. Your faithful snowman waits on you hand and foot to make sure that you never run out of toilet paper. Best of all, you can adjust the height of the roller to accommodate your needs.

Poinsettia Bathroom

Poinsettia in the bathroom. Image viaSomewhat Quirky Design.

Nothing says Christmas better than Poinsettia. This flower has been associated with Christmas for many reasons. The gorgeous ruby hues and sweet scent will fill your bathroom with a enamoring charm. Set a poinsettia clipping against a backdrop of red and white linens. You can also hang them or place them in a vase on your countertop!

Bathroom Christmas Decor.

A matching Christmas set for your bathroom. Image via Bathroom Design Picture.

This Christmas set features all of the essential decorations that sit on your countertop to get everyone in the mood. With a Christmas Red soap dish, tooth brush holder, and tissue dispenser, Christmas cheer will be all around. Notice how a velvet shower curtain lines the interior of your bathroom creates continuity in your design.

Hanging Stars Bathroom Lighting

Kids will love these hanging stars! Image via HGTV.

This last example has a few ideas that you may want to try out in your bathroom. These shining star hanging lights can make your bathroom twinkle and light up in the eyes of your children. A simple floor mat and red and white linens are the quickest way to dress up your bathroom for Christmas. This works especially well for those who have procrastinated and are in a rush to finish some last minute Christmas decorations around the house!

Christmas is a time for giving and a time to snuggle up around the fire with family. Christmas trees, stockings, exterior lights, snowmen, Christmas tunes, and jolly old Saint Nick are everywhere. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I wish you safe travels and a wonderful Christmas!

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Cheryl Khan is a home designer and freelance writer. Although Christmas is her favorite time of year, she absolutely hates the snow and prefers that it only comes out of a snow machine. Happy Holidays!

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