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Christmas Activities with Vertbaudet

By Etspeaksfromhome
This Christmas holiday period, Vertbaudet has created a new Christmas activities page to keep children busy in the run up to Christmas.  There are 10 different activities - if you run out of ideas, why not have a look at their activities page and get inspired.  Create and pin it on Pinterest.  Then maybe they could 'show and tell' it to their class.
Each of the activities comes as a PDF file that are straightforward to print out.  There is an Advent Calendar, Paper Garland, Paper Pompoms, Letters to Santa, Colouring Pictures, Christmas Gift Tags, Woollen Pompoms, Bake Some Biscuits, Christmas Carol and Paper Stars.After the children came back from school this afternoon, we printed out four different activities to do together.
1.  Letters to Santa There are 3 templates to download:  A traditional Christmas tree, a very cool snowman or a pile of presents that you can color in yourself.Mr K chose the pile of presents and Ms C went for a very cool snowman.  Mr K was very excited to write down his list - this is the first year he can properly write words.  Reading his requests made me laugh out loud!  He wanted seeds and a plant pot to grow his plant!  An egg timer to time himself running, cocoa so he could make chocolate and a mug!While Ms C has only one request which is Ariel.  So she drew a mermaid that looked like a bee with seven water bubbles around her to breathe.Christmas Activities with Vertbaudet2. Christmas Gift TagsSo what's the best way to get help from your children?  Why not ask them to wrap up presents and write the gift tags.  In this Vertbaudet's gift tags file, it comes with 5 beautiful and well decorated mini gift tags.  It is best to print on thick paper.  Cut them out and punch a hole.  Thread it with string.  It is that simple.  This is call team work: one person wraps the gift, the other writes a gift tag and job done!Christmas Activities with Vertbaudet3. Paper GarlandThe PDF file comes with a step-by-step guide that makes it easy for you to follow.  The following stationery is required:thick coloured paperscissorsstringgluecircular templatepen/pencil.Start drawing circles on your coloured paper using the circular template.  Next cut out your circles and fold into half.  Glue on one half of your folded circle and then stick it to another half circle.  Repeat this four times but before you stick down the last side, slide the string through the center of the ball.  Repeat the whole process again.
Christmas Activities with Vertbaudet 4. Paper PompomsThis is quite hard for my children as they keep ripping the tissue paper.  But they were both happy to watch me do it.
You will need:6 - 10 sheets of tissue paperscissorsstringpencil Layer the 6 - 10 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other.  Mark the center of your paper with a pencil.  Fold the paper back and forth into a concertina.  Tie the string around the center line that is marked.  Cut each end into a semicircle.  Open out one end into a fan shape and start to separate each layer until you have opened them all out.The length of the pompoms determines the circumference of your pompoms.  So if you like to have small pompoms, make sure the length of paper is not too long.Christmas Activities with VertbaudetI hope I have inspired you to pop over to Vertbaudet's Christmas Activities for ideas.  Let me know if you have tried any of them.  Make sure you pin it on Pinterest too!  Or post it on Vertbaudet's social media page.
Disclosure: This is a collaboration.

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