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Chris Brown Uses Homophobic Language Again But Really, Are We Surprised?

Posted on the 13 July 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright


Star Magazine reported that Chris Brown decided to – yet again – unleash his love for homophobic slurs during a basketball game that he was participating in. The blonde-coiffed singer allegedly called another player a “f****t” and then countered by saying that one his moves were “gay.” Apparently that wasn’t all of it, onlookers also confided to the magazine that the singer unleashed an array of curses that would have made the late Richard Pryor blush during the course of the game. This

Chris Brown Uses Homophobic Language Again But Really, Are We Surprised?

Courtesy of Star Magazine

comes after Brown’s run in with a paparazzi reporter last month, where he called the reporter a gay slur. However, his tune quickly changed when the LGBT media latched on to the story and he quickly issued an apology to all his gay fans that support him.


Brown, is of course, no stranger to controversy since his arrest in 2009 for physically assaulting Rihanna (something he has yet to truly apologize for), so how come folks are surprised that he carries on this way in private? There are no secrets that he is known to be quite aggressive and even though it has been reported that he has sought anger management – who knows if that truly is the case?

Then again, why do we continue to care? It is no surprise that Brown has issues and hopefully, one day he’ll be mature enough to truly handle them before he lands himself in serious trouble. Although, that probably won’t happen for a long, long time.

This time, hopefully the media will not pick up on every problem he gets himself into because negative or not, all he wants is publicity. If Brown is homophobic (or enjoys just using the slang – whatever that means), he is not pressed on trying to change his ways. So, why expect him too? However, if his gay Stans stay in his ranks – that is your choice but you’re forfeiting your right to complain about him, period.

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