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Choosing Your DJ Essentials

Posted on the 26 May 2016 by Audiocred @audiocred

If you are looking to buy your first round of DJ equipment or you want to upgrade, the first decision you have to make is vinyl or digital? Traditionally, vinyl is the norm, but professionals are beginning to more towards digital music because it allows them to easily carry large music libraries between gigs. Next, you will need to decide if you want to buy a package separate pieces, but first you should understand what is essential.

Selecting Turntables

Turntables can come with plenty of features and buttons, but you should focus on what type of arm you want to use and your ideal speed recovery. A straight arm is great for scratching and minimizes skipping, but it wears records and produces a lower grade sound quality. On the other hand, the S-shaped arm will yield a great sound, but doesn’t typically suit scratching DJs. Additionally while belt-drive turn tables are common and inexpensive, direct-drive options have greater speed recovery making them ideal for scratching.

Adding CD Players

CD players also have a myriad of associated bells and whistles like sound filters, pitch control, faders, memory slots, looping functions and more. Traditional or vinyl-based DJs feel most at home with tabletop players since they closely resemble traditional turntables. However, dual mounts can handle multiple CDs and includes a mixing unit. Neither is truly superior and choosing between them is a matter of personal preference.

The All Important Mixer

Mixers can spell the difference between an amateur and a professional’s sound. In this unit you’ll find faders, crossfaders, inputs, outputs and multiple channels. Beginners will only need two or three channels and enough inputs for CD players and turntables. Those with more experience will probably want more inputs, channels and EQ controls to ensure more precision.

If you are new to the scene, you might want to try a Numark or Chauvet package. If you’ve got reasonable experience or greater musical control, purchasing separate equipment gives you the opportunity to customize. Keep in mind, abundant features and controls usually have a price tag to match. Either way, be willing to experiment and you’ll find the perfect set up for your needs. Additionally, you can check out the infographic entitled “First Time Spinner” to learn more about DJ rigs.

Choosing Your DJ Essentials

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