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Choosing the Right Summer Camp

By Ballerinablogger
There are a million different summer camps out there. From full out summer intensives that last six weeks to a one week camp, from several thousand dollars to several hundred dollars, from a thousand miles away to five miles away, there are plenty of options. So how do you narrow down which one is the right choice for you, artistically and financially?First off, you're going to need to have a list of all your options. If you're subscribed to Pointe Magazine, they usually have a long list of summer camps in the back. If you're not then I would suggest checking out this list of summer camps courtesy of
Now unfortunately, I can't tell you which summer camps are the best option for you/your family. That's where you come in and a bit of research is probably a good idea before you make any decisions. You should definitely check out websites and Facebook pages and ask around to see where other fellow dancers have gone over the summer. Be sure to ask their opinion and whether or not they'd go back. Choosing the Right Summer Camp
There are many auditions this time of year. Be sure to check out my article all about auditioning and in it are some tips you may want to know:
If you have any audition success stories or questions about a summer camp, perhaps someone could help! Leave a comment below.
Thanks for reading, commenting and continuing to follow my blog everyone!

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By worldofdiscovery
posted on 30 May at 04:11
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World of Discovery Summer Camp of Bayside, Queens NY invites parents of boys and girls ages 4-15 to visit us at one of our summer camp open house sessions. Our next summer camp Open House is June 2nd, 2011 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Call us at 718-229-3037, visit us online at or email us at [email protected] for future summer camp open house dates.