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Choose the Right Game to Win Your Next Tradeshow

Posted on the 28 August 2019 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
Choose the Right Game to Win Your Next Tradeshow

Choose the Right Game to Win Your Next Tradeshow

Using a contest is a great way to increase foot traffic at a tradeshow or event. However, it's not all fun and games for integrated marketers: when done right, contests are effective at generating engagement and supporting long-term business goals.

When it comes to success at your next tradeshow, remember these words: People like doing stuff.

Integrated marketers see it all the time in their other efforts - like how adding a form or even a simple, clickable button will boost landing page conversions. The same logic applies to your tradeshow booth: if you can get people to do stuff - like a contest! - they'll seek you out and stay longer. Here are a few ideas to help you win your next tradeshow or event.

Trivia Contests

I'll take "increased foot traffic" for $1,000, Alex!

Try a trivia event set up like a game show. Make your questions specific to your brand, industry or the city that's hosting the convention. Your questions should be educational and entertaining, without being too hard. Trivia contests are easy to facilitate, and if you use A/V to create an exciting presentation, you may find yourself with a 'standing-room-only' crowd.

Prize Wheels

Prize wheels will get attendees flocking to your booth and create a festive environment that will make people want to stay once the spin is over. For maximum impact, go big and bold! If your budget doesn't allow for a custom wheel, you can also use a roulette wheel, a Plinko board, or some variation on a slot machine.

Social Media Prize Draw

Blending social and experiential marketing can have a rich payoff, so why not try it at your next tradeshow? Use a display panel to 'broadcast' your social media mentions - for example, you could connect your Twitter feed and start using a specific hashtag. Next, have event attendees tweet at you with the hashtag, then select a winner every hour.

Prizes for Everyone

The only thing people like more than doing stuff is getting free stuff. Reward your participants, even those who didn't win. Dig into your swag closet for branded promotional items that don't cost too much but still have a big impact. If you decide on an event that requires real effort or skill (e.g., a scavenger hunt), your prize should be more substantial.

The Winner Is You!

Besides getting more people to your booth, you're also getting the opportunity to create engagement. Use event photos and video for content creation - push it out through your social channels or your event-specific app. Capture new leads by having would-be players sign up with their email address or drop a business card into a bowl. Remember to put fun first.

Last modified: August 29, 2019

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