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Choies Shopping Cart

By Wickedying @wickedying

The Choies Fashion Blogger Program has just refunded my account with more points! Woot woot! :mrgreen:

With limited points and lots of good stuff, it’s a brain wracking task to narrow down your options. Rainy days are already here soooo I bought some sweaters to match the bipolar season. I did not bother to choose the ones with thick fabric since it could go from sunny to drizzly in a snap. 

Choies Shopping Cart

This black jumper has rivets on them. I like! Buy them here.

Choies Shopping Cart

And this loose one with metallic stripes would definitely compliment a lazy day outfit anytime. Buy them here.

Have you visited Choies yet? They got a considerable amount of fall-inspired light sweaters perfect for the “-ber” season. Buy buy buy! Teehee!


Hope you like my picks too!

Stay wicked!


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