Chocolate Sauce Bavarian

Posted on the 05 February 2011 by Rabiahfrq
Chocolate Sauce Bavarian
Tried this recipe of Nadia T from the TV show Dream Desserts and it turned out perfectly delicious! Especially for coffee lovers, here is the recipe…

Boiling Water 4 tbsp
Gelatin Powder 2tbsp
Boiling Water 4 tbsp
Coffee Powder 4 tsp
Chilled Cream 200 ml
Condensed Milk 1 large tin
Chocolate Sauce
Mix Gelatin Powder in 4 tbsp boiling water. Mix it thoroughly so that it becomes like a paste. Again take 4tbsp boiling water and mix coffee powder in it. Now mix both the coffee paste and the gelatin paste. Beat the chilled cream over a bowl of iced water for about 3 to 4 mins. Its quantity will increase. Now add condensed milk. Mix it properly and then mix the coffee paste in it.
Now Pour chocolate sauce over the inner edges of four glasses or bowls, they should start dripping inside the glasses. Now pour the mixture in the bowls. Again pour the chocolate sauce over the mixture in swirls. Now take a skewer or toothpick and make the flower pattern of the chocolate sauce. Refrigerate for some time and chill before serving. Enjoy :)

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