Fruit Delight in Bowls

Posted on the 10 May 2011 by Rabiahfrq
Fruit Delight in Bowls
I was craving for the Fruit Delight dessert again but there was no party or get together coming up so making up a whole huge dish was useless.
The question was how to make it in small quantity as we are only 2 members of the family to eat it up. And then here I thought that why not try the same recipe in individual bowls?
The experiment went successful and the great thing about it was that it was much easier and quicker to make...
For those of you who missed the original recipe, here is the link Fruit Delight
The only difference I made here is that instead of using condensed milk, I just mixed some icing sugar with cream to make it sweet and it tasted great. Also I covered the whole top of the dessert with the chocolate sauce. Yummy!  isnt it?

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