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By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hi guys! Boy is this post L-A-T-E!

At my job I usually do large format printing and graphic design/layout work. But on days where I have to package everything for shipping I get absolutely NO computer time. It’s all upper body workout and massive amounts of sweat.


Hahaha! Yesterday I did my last Bikini Body Countdown Circuit for April. I have a big post on all the new moves coming tomorrow. Get ready, it requires a huge ball and elastic resistance bands. It will be all kinds of mayhem and madness. Yesterday I also rocked it on the cybex (aka my SLAVE) with a whopping 60 minutes. SCORE.


Blog friends meet my SLAVE. SLAVE meet the world.

Today I’m planning on another 60 minute session after work.


How about some nutritious lunch?!


I scarfed the entire sandwich, which had 6 pounds of turkey breast on it. Work was hard work this morning and left my hunnnnng-ry.


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