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Child Rights: What You Need To Know

Posted on the 12 March 2013 by Azharnadeem

Knowing about child rightsChild’s rights are the essential rights that every child is born with. There are various NGOs that are fighting for the rights of children in this world on a continuous basis. Children are being violated and made to suffer in different parts of the world. The different children’s rights can be broadly classified into four categories.

  • The right to survival: Every child in this world has the right to survive. A child is born with the right of life, nutrition, nationality and name. No one has the power to take away their right to live a healthy life.
  • The right to progress: Children have the right of education, leisure, care and recreation. No one has the right to keep a child away from education or force them to work.
  • The right to protection: Children need to be protected at all times. Every child needs to be nurtured and protected from the brutality of the world. A child is born with the right of protection against exploitation, neglect and mistreatment. Children need to be loved not tortured and abused.
  • The right to involvement: Children are innocent and immature but this does not give anyone the right to stop them from speaking out their heart. A child is born with right of information, expression, religion and thought.

Most individuals know about the existence of these child rights, but how many of us act towards it. Children are continuously being harmed, forced to work, adopted, killed, tortured, sexually and mentally abused. You need to stand up for the innocent traumatized children and make a difference. People need to be educated about the rights of children and need to protect them. You can make a difference to the unfortunate children by educating them about their rights. Try to build a community group and educate children about their rights and protection methods. You can also help unfortunate children in organizations like UNICEF and CRY, which will help them fight and exercise their rights.

The world is filled with many unsupported children; most of them have single parents who can’t financially afford to bring them up well. If you know any such unsupported children, you can always contact child support phone number to help them in their need.

Children are very innocent to fight their own battle, we as adults need to help them and protect them in times of trouble and suffering. Be a good citizen and help the children in need.

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